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Make Space for Yourself

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Too often our own subconscious patterns come up without us realising it, especially with our children, our partner and those closest to us. These can often be painful and frustrating.

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It is important to have some sort of practice (time for you) that cultivates awareness, it can be meditation, yoga, mindfulness or prayer. It can be as little as 3 mins a day. I know I have spoken of this many times before. Why? Because it works and because it is so important.
Another way to make time for yourself, is to look at how you are doing social media, it is part of our lives and our children’s lives. We need to find ways to manage it and ourselves (more importantly). Here are some ways to do it differently and two links to articles, that I found useful.
  • Give yourself a daily limit, and stick to it
  • Follow people that uplift you
  • Slow your scrolling
  • Be present and learn something
  • Get what to need and then log off
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