Theoni Papoutsis

I am a mother, birth keeper, teacher, bodyworker,
doula, master of ceremonies and yoga teacher. I teach,
support, inspire and hold space for women to find
trust in themselves and their bodies so that every baby
feels welcomed.

Birth preparation & motherhood services for parents wanting a supported experience in a nurturing space

whether you are pregnant with your first child, or already on the journey of motherhood, you are in the right place if …

You wish to be empowered to have a calm, confident birth, whether such is a natural birth or a caesarian birth.

You want to overcome any anticipation fear with personalised, practical tools.

You want experienced and intuitive guidance through the big decisions to be made, and you want gentle, informed, education on all of your options.

You wish to develop more trust in your body’s wisdom.

You wish to connect with your baby before, during, and after birth.

You want to gain more confidence in your ability and role as a mother.

What I Do


I teach, support, inspire and hold space for women to find trust in themselves and their bodies, so that every baby feels welcomed.

Embodied Hypnobirthing Antenatal course

An empowering education experience in a safe and warm environment. Merging together decades of experience as a doula and Hypnobirthing teacher to bring you Confident Hypnobirthing.


Kundalini pregnancy yoga and Moms & Babes yoga allow mothers to connect with their babies, feel stronger in their bodies and gain confidence.

Kahuna massage

Kahuna massage is a Hawaiian full body massage for women, particularly during pregnancy, that uses breath and music. Theoni creates a nurturing, healing atmosphere.



Women who prefer to live in a more conscious, natural way, or anyone who wants to learn more.

Women who intuitively believe that birth is a natural process.

Women who are looking to be the best mothers they can be.

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