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Conscious Hypnobirthing Antenatal course

An empowering education experience in a safe and warm environment. Merging together decades of experience as a doula and Hypnobirthing teacher to bring you my Confident Hypnobirthing Antenatal course


Kundalini pregnancy yoga and Moms & Babes yoga allow mothers to connect with their babies, feel stronger in their bodies and gain confidence.

Kahuna massage

Kahuna massage is a Hawaiian full body massage for women, particularly during pregnancy, that uses breath and music. Theoni creates a nurturing, healing atmosphere.

Craniosacral Therapy

This gentle but deeply effective whole body approach releases tension in the nervous system allowing the body to heal from within.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Allows you to change thought patterns, deal with past trauma and prepare for birth.

Full Circle Pregnancy retreats

Deliciously nurturing, guided day retreats especially for moms who are currently pregnant.


Theoni is an experienced master of ceremonies and is available to facilitate your special events, such as baby naming ceremonies, Blessing Way and weddings.

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