Kahuna Massage

Kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage is a Hawaiian full body massage that uses breath and music. This type of massage is based on the Hawaiian mindset, which is: to live in Aloha, open-hearted. The Kahuna Massage Experience is a wonderful way to incorporate that essential me-time necessary to relieve the stress of the modern lifestyle.

No two Kahuna massages are the same as Theoni creatively customises each experience to suit the needs of that person at that moment. A main principle of Kahuna is to encourage clients to know themselves better by inwardly listening to their own bodies and experiences.

This massage is for all pregnant women.

Kahuna Pregnancy Massage

Theoni creates a nurturing, healing atmosphere and the massage and music soothe both mother and baby.

This massage releases stress and tension held on a physical, emotional and mental level. It is a beautiful, meditative experience that allows a natural, loving bond to develop between mother and baby. Kahuna has all the physical benefits of other massages, and so much more.

Kahuna Pregnancy Massage

The first Kahuna pregnancy massage is longer and much more than the massage. Theoni offers her personal guidance on a range of pregnancy related issues and concerns. Here you can access expert advice on all your individual pregnancy needs. No two pregnant women are alike and in this special space you will be treated with compassion and care.

To gain the greatest benefit from this type of massage, it is recommended that you book monthly until 30 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and weekly until birth. Contact Theoni for package options.

Polynesian Floor Treatment

This is a form of bodywork based on ancient Kahuna (Hawaiian) healing and massage principles. This treatment is different to the Kahuna massage. It is not appropriate for pregnant women, but rather for women at any other stage of life who simply need care or need to incorporate some important me-time into their lives. For this massage you remain fully clothed, as you would with Thai massages.

This treatment is particularly beneficial for Mothers with young children as it works beautifully to stretch and relieve tired and overworked muscles.