Conscious Birth: Inner Wisdom for Modern Mothers | Paperback

Conscious Birth: Inner Wisdom for Modern Mothers | Paperback

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Conscious Birth: Inner Wisdom for Modern Mothers | Paperback

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Are you seeking a deeply meaningful pregnancy and birth experience? With “Conscious Birth” by Theoni Papoutsis, a Doula, HypnoBirthing® teacher, NLP practitioner, and coach with decades of experience. This all-encompassing guide merges the wisdom of mind-body synergy with a no-nonsense approach, dispelling misconceptions and providing a strong knowledge base. It seamlessly integrates techniques from Pregnancy Yoga, mindfulness practices, and the author’s insights from supporting pregnant women. By the end of this transformative journey, you’ll be prepared for labour, embrace the natural birth process, and discover the power within to nurture and bring your baby into the world with confidence.

6 reviews for Conscious Birth: Inner Wisdom for Modern Mothers | Paperback

  1. Robyn Smith

    There is only one thing that this world needs more than empowered mothers, and that is supportive sisters who are standing behind them offering heart and soul in solidarity. Theoni Papoutis is just one of those queenly trees whose roots spread even wider than her tall branches, as she seeks out ways to strengthen and empower the community around her. This manual is so much more than just a workbook, it is an opportunity to cultivate so much more peace in our world. For gentle birthing where baby and mother feel whole and held (no matter the hows and where’s of the birth) is a powerful antidote to the deep distress and trauma in our society. I just adore how lovingly this book has been curated to be inclusive to all mothers, and how unconditional the intent is behind each page. The wisdom contained within is a bridge from ancient ways to modern mothers, written to remind us women of our innate strength and connection to all.

    Robyn Smith, Author & Founder of Faithful to Nature

  2. Khadija Richards

    I wish i had this book and Theoni’s deep and warm prescence when i was birthing my children. This is what our children need for a new world order. Xx

  3. Andrew

    Practical and insightful!

  4. Lorna Spacey

    A beautiful workbook full with knowledge to empower and educate expecting mothers (first, second or third+ time) the artwork cover and illustrations are incredible and there is an abundance of information to educate mothers on making informed decisions for them and the birth of their baby. Thank you Theoni for the wonderful space and community you’ve created.

  5. Melanie McIntyre

    Theonie has created a workbook for expectant mothers that is full of practical advice, inspiring stories and useful techniques that help the birthing mother to feel empowered and inspired. She writes from a place of love, wisdom and deep caring. With her knowledge I believe we can reignite the magic and beauty of pregnancy, labor and birth that the medical world stole from us. This is a manual that has the power to change society. May you share it with as many woman as possible.

  6. Sonja Watson (verified owner)

    What a gift this book is to the birthing woman. It covers all the aspects you need to understand about birth and helps to access the deep power that each and every woman has. If you’re seeking a calm and gentle birthing day – this book has to be in your toolbox!

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