Remaining centred in trying times ✨

Remaining centred in trying times ✨

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Remaining centred in trying times ✨

Everyone is dealing with some aspect that is hard to accept or change. There are many aspects of our lives that are out of our control. I find that when I spend time and energy thinking about what is out of my control I can quickly feel overcome with helplessness and overwhelm. Having the awareness to catch your thoughts before you get to overwhelm is key.

The aspects of our lives that are out of our control are;
We are unable to control the weather, natural disasters, news, economy, what other people think of you etc
The aspects we have control over;
We are able to control our attitude and enthusiasm. Businesses that you start/have. Work you do in the world. What you read. What you buy. Where you live. What skills you learn. Places you travel.
The last few months I have incorporated a centred exercise in my Confident Hypnobirthing Course to assist parents-to-be.
What does being centred mean? How does it feel? Being able to be centred in your life is vital to manage your energy and well-being.
It is our tendency as human beings to be scattered and fragmented: we multitask and are busy with too many tasks, thoughts and emotions. We have “to do” lists that seem to grow daily. All of these may cause us to lose our centre and our focus.
Being centred is especially valuable when going through the transition of pregnancy, labour, birth and the ongoing demands of parenting. As this is a new role or experience we find ourselves in, we are often negatively influenced and swayed by others and our surroundings.
It is important to cultivate our own centre that is aligned, internal, safe and unique. Being centred enables us to observe ourselves and our emotions as they arise within us. We will talk more about the ‘observer state’ later on.
A noticeable feature of powerful people in any field is the feeling of solidity or centred-ness when you meet them. Whether such was inborn or developed through life’s experiences it does not matter, the fact is that all true power comes from inside, or via our own centre.
If you have ever been in a car accident, or received a big fright, you lose your centre very quickly, as an example. Once you have assessed that everyone is not badly injured you can be confused etc. The tow truck drivers arrive and before you know it your car is gone and you are unsure of what happened.
This is how to remain centred;
Upon awaking up, take a moment to say your personal prayer.* Then clarify your intentions for the day, smooth traffic to work, be patient with the children, get x done, going through your list and intending them. Then let that go, with eyes closed begin to imagine where your centre is inside your body. Perhaps you see or sense an image, shape, colour, texture etc Keep focusing on it until it feels clear and complete. Now that you know and feel where your centre is you can now go there at any time you need to.
Another way is to as you go about your day, say you go to shop then go back to work or home. We leave parts of our energy (parts of ourself) wherever we go. Remember to bring your energy back towards yourself all the energy that you have perhaps left behind, I imaging them as trails of light. However, you imagine them, as it works for you and bring them back towards yourself.
In doing that you are bringing yourself back to yourself as well as have all of your energy available to you and your task at hand.
* A personal prayer is a daily prayer or blessing for yourself, it can be the same and/or it may change as your life changes. It is something to hold your focus and purpose.


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