Navigating life and discovering what you want

Navigating life and discovering what you want

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Navigating life and discovering what you want

The end of July is a time when many of us feel we have turned a corner and its getting warmer and the sun is setting later, YAY! Soon it will be spring again which is a time for the new shoots and new flower buds. It is also a time when things literally grow more quickly and easily.


So, what is stirring inside you? What have you been wanting to do? To go somewhere? To experience something new? New career? August is a perfect time to explore that so that when spring arrives in a few weeks you are ready to dive into the new!


Some of you reading this are maybe thinking ‘yay, YES!’ Others are perhaps more hesitant for change. It’s about perceptive and looking with curiosity at what STOPS you? Without judgement or having to do anything just to look at what stops you? With kindness and awareness, get curious and interested. I am here for you if you discover something that is stopping you, you are welcome to book a session. I can work with you to see if it’s a fear, a belief system or a past experience. We will then deal with it with elegance and effectiveness, so that you are FREE to pursue what you want to do. Again, the question is, what do you want to do?


What brings you joy? What makes your heart sing? We have only one life time with a limited number of years in this body.


Life can be difficult, we have daily chores, children and families to care for, responsibilities and obligations that can be overwhelming. Coincidences and synchronicities may come flying at you from all directions and they may disappear altogether. How do we navigate our way with everything in this world?


Here is a simple exercise to do, 5 minutes is all it takes.


You take 5 minutes, YES, 5 minutes, perhaps before bed, once kids are asleep. 5 minutes every day to sit in silence. Questions to have in your awareness and in your heart are; Who am I? not mother, wife etc. Who am I in all of that, what is at my core? Who am I? What do I want for my life? What do I want for my life today? Sit quietly and allow whatever answers to arise, and write them down. Do it every day and see how life, circumstances, family start to present themselves.
Next exercise:
Stay open to how life is unfolding.


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