Learning to be agile and steady at the same time

Learning to be agile and steady at the same time

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Learning to be agile and steady at the same time


While this time is teaching me many things, about myself and being in the world, something critical for me has been about learning to be agile and to realise that everything is changing all the time. The moon changes every day – every 28 days it has grown to its fullest and then let’s go to its fullest. The earth is moving under our feet right now, adjusting and rearranging.

Learning to be agile and steady at the same time is essential for all of us as we continue to live in uncertainty. It is what is so importantly needed at this time. Agility is the ability to change direction, to be flexible in our thoughts and reactions, and to think quickly and clearly. For me, it also about being able to let go of how you thought it was going to be, and embracing what is right now.

Letting go is a learnt experience; holding on is in our innate nature. Letting go comes when we have done everything we can. Look at what it is that you can actually control. You can control how you feel, what you believe, what effort you put into something you want; your behaviour, your choices, the words you use; whether you choose to exercise or not, get enough sleep or not, or reach out for support.

What are we certain of? That there is gravity. That the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. And that we all have limitations.

It seems fitting that the 8th of June is World Ocean Day – another profound example in the world of how we can hold, and then let go, like the tides. Halfway through this unanticipated and unpredictable year, in the month that holds our shortest day in the southern hemisphere, being able to balance and cherish our acts of temporary holding, and also of releasing, feels poignant.

June is also Men’s Health Month – an opportunity for us as women to consider both the health of our relationships to men and the shifts that need to take place for men to become healthy, at all levels, for themselves and in the world. How do we raise boys to be flexible and open to loving healthily and openly, as well as receiving love? For them to know how to hold as well as be held, safely, and with nurturing?

Wishing you all a month of embracing your flexibility while keeping your balance. Of taking control of what you can, and letting go of what no longer holds true for you.


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Take care

– Theoni


Real maturity in a relationship is letting your partner know when your mind feels heavy/turbulent before your thoughts find a way to make a story that blames your tension on them; naming it allows you to know it is there and your partner to know that it is time to support you/hold space.

– Yung Pueblo

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