Go within and slow down…

Go within and slow down…

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Go within and slow down…


This month as it gets even colder, is a time when nature is urging us to go within and to slow down. How do we do that when there are bills to pay, kids to care for and, and, and…?


Even when you are busy you can make time to go within, making yourself a priority. Pause for a moment before you pick up your kid/s or once baby is asleep. Pause and take a few deep breathes to connect with your heart and yourself. Ask yourself ‘how are you doing?’ ‘What do you need today?’. By doing this small inquiry which only takes a few moments, you are slowing down and going within.


Trust and listen to what comes up inside, however silly it may seem. As you go about your day, slow it down, life is not an emergency. When your baby is crying or toddler is having a tantrum and pre-teen or teenager slams their door. It’s not an emergency, take a few deep breathes before you react, so you can slow down and respond appropriately.


Life is NOT an emergency.


The secret is in remembering this ‘being in the moment’, which takes practice. Be kind to yourself and those you love as you remember.


Take time to look at nature, especially the trees as they let go of their leaves that they no longer need. What do you no longer need, what no longer serves your highest good? What is not in alignment of who you really are?


For me I am taking time to let go of crafts and hobbies that no longer bring me joy and giving them to someone who can use the items. It feels good to let go for someone else to benefit. Letting go of emotions that no longer serve you does take more effort. Remembering there is a difference between effort and struggle. In order to let go you need to have done everything you can in order to let go, let go is the final act in a long line of exploring, accepting and trusting.


So, practice slowing down, letting go and being kind to you and those you cherish.

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